“Pitchfork is a roots rock and Americana band that plays both original and cover tunes. Pitchfork front man J.R. Scott brings Fred Fechter on lead guitar, Rob Hankosky on bass and Frank Lightfoot on drums. This band is incredibly tight and well rehearsed and drew a lot of questions and compliments Saturday since they’ve primarily played San Antonio bars and clubs up until recent semi-regular shows at Tavern in the Gruene and even a show last week with The Grackles at River Road Ice House. I would compare them to an early Ragweed or Reckless Kelly and wouldn’t be surprised to see much more from them soon in our area.”





“San Antonio based Pitchfork is a Texas,southern,country, rock and roll band, who just released their first EP. They call themselves the band that was formed at the crossroads at midnight. They have all the basic elements of country music, “whiskey”, “heartbreak”, “highways”, “women”, etc etc etc…But the energy of rock&roll that brings it all home. I recently talked to singer/guitar player JR Scott and bassist Robert Hankosky from the band, and they answered 10 questions for me.’

— The Examiner, January 13, 2012